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The clear juice is refrigerated and brought into the Epernay winery to start the wine making.
The alcoholic fermentation begins in temperature controlled tanks to reveal the subtle aromas of our grapes.


In February, we prepare the different blends which will make the future Champagnes. Each tank is analysed and tasted to create our blends according the family tradition.


After cold stabilisation and filtration, bottling (Tirage) is done during the last week of March/.

The wines have had time to rest after cold stabilisation and the outside temperatures are rising.

This operation is specific to Champagne, it allows the production of wonderful trains of tiny, delicate bubbles.


This operation is the final clarification of the wine. During the secondary fermentation ("prise de mousse"), a sediment settles. It is important to gather it to eliminate it later.


This is the final step in Champagne making. At this stage the Champagne cannot mature any further. A small amount of Sugar Solution is added to the wine to reach a good sugar level. The bottle will be kept for several months before labelling and despatching.


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